Hillary maneuvering for 2012?

March 23, 2008

I’m not a political blogger: more people do it far better than I do. However, I want to draw attention to an otherwise completely overlooked post by Cenk Uygur over at HuffPo.

Uygur’s premise is that she knows that she has already lost the 2012 election, and knows that she will be effectively too old to run for office in 2016 . So her only option is to insure that Obama loses the election to McCain, so that she can run in 2012.

I am not, and never have been, a Hillary hater. However, I’ve been appalled by her behavior in this election after super Tuesday. Normally I would have dismissed such a theory as sensationalism. But how else are we to interpret Hillary’s comment that only she and McCain had the proper experience? How else are we to interpret Bill Clinton’s comment that only Hillary and McCain love their country. These are odious comments made by politicos desperate for attention. For all that the Clintons had done and been through, I always believed they had the best interests of the Democratic Party at heart. Until now.


One Response to “Hillary maneuvering for 2012?”

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