Is There a Plan for Life After Peak Oil?

February 15, 2008

AlterNet has a good article entitled: Is There a Plan for Life After Peak Oil? Good article, bad title. Of course there isn’t a plan…

AlterNet has noted similar results to ones I blogged on last week, that biofuels aren’t the carbon savior they claim to be, in that they actually increase the net carbon released into the environment, since land would have to be cleared to make way for switch grasses and the like that previously held other carbon-consuming plants.

I like the way the article opens:

Now they might start sitting up. They wouldn’t listen to the environmentalists or even the geologists. Can governments ignore the capitalists?

A report published last week by Citibank, and so far unremarked by the media, proposes “genuine difficulties” in increasing the production of crude oil, “particularly after 2012.” Though 175 big drilling projects will start in the next four years, “the fear remains that most of this supply will be offset by high levels of decline”.

The situation has gotten so bad that the mere mention here of politicians and capitalists taking the energy shortage seriously gives me a feeling of comfort!


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