Wilco – Sky Blue Sky

January 28, 2008

It’s been a long time since the lyrics on an album grabbed me. Mostly what I look for in a record is catchy hooks, energy, a good pop sense, and something of an edge. I think I feel that I’m too old to get a meaningful message out of music. Gone are the days of listing to Exile on Main Street over and over again, or thinking that some hidden message in Pink Floyd or even Elvis Costello will give me direction in life.

This is why Wilco’s latest album, Sky Blue Sky, hit me like a bolt from the, well, Sky Blue Sky. Doubly so, perhaps, since I had first decided that I didn’t like Wilco (don’t know when I decided this, or what led me to this conclusion), and then I had heard somewhere that their latest album was bad. But then I was listening to All Songs Considered annual listeners pick the year’s best episode, and the Wilco song Hate It Here hit me.

Bought the album and spent the weekend with it. This is a very good album, although I wouldn’t say it’s a classic. But the lyrics and music are put together with thought and sensitivity, and it’s moving and creative.


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