New Faces – She’s Like the Snow

December 19, 2007

Literally can’t get this song out of my head. The KEXP Blog featured New Face’s She’s Like the Snow on their song of the day last week, and I’ve been obsessing over it ever since.

There isn’t much info available about the band, and no other downloads AFAIK. Their MySpace Page allows you to stream some of their other songs, which all sound of similar quality, if not quite as good, as SLTS. Used to be known as Captain Incognito, but that name doesn’t bring any hits either. They have a 3-song EP available that I’m thinking about getting, just so I can have some more songs to judge them by.


One Response to “New Faces – She’s Like the Snow”

  1. Nancy in PT Says:

    I know this band well. The drummer’s my son and they practice in the shed in my backyard while emptying the fridge in my house on a regular basis. I did a google and found your blog. Glad the song struck and stuck with you. Hopefully they will have a full length album out by this summer. They are self funded which is pretty great for a sixteen and two seventeen year olds but it does slow the process down a bit.

    Thanks for listening!

    Nancy in PT

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