Simplified GTD

December 18, 2007

Gina Trapani over at LifeHacker has a nice post on her Simplified GTD scheme. I’m a big Getting Things Done addict, and it’s had a huge beneficial effect on my life over the last three years. Gina’s is a nice system. I use something much closer to the full GTD system, but I agree that there is something to be gained from simplification.

So far, the best simple GTD system I’ve seen is the Zen to Done system by Leo Babauta. He has a Zen to Done ebook out now, which I haven’t yet read, but which I’ve heard good things about.

Here’s where I share my big GTD secret: 3×5 memo books, the ones you can buy at the grocery store for $1, are the best way to keep your GTD lists. Believe me, I’ve tried  everything. The memo books stay better organized than 3×5 index cards (aka Hipster PDA), and are always on, unlike lists that are kept electronically. You then also have parts of the pad to use as your capture tool (an essential part of any GTD system) as well. Plus, they’re not as precious as Moleskine notebooks, so you don’t feel bad tearing pages out. I still use Moleskine’s exclusively for my journal, since I love them so much, and, since the 3×5 memo book is the same size as the pocket Moleskine, they travel well together.


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