Interview with George R R Martin at Abebooks

December 13, 2007

Nice interview with George R. R. Martin over at Abebooks. I have used Abebooks for years to find out of print physics books. Seems like they’re adding some content and interviews to the used book store searches. Not sure whether it’s a good business plan, but I’m glad to see an interview with an author I admire.

Martin is a scifi and fantasy author, most notably of the fantasy mega-epic A Song of Ice and Fire. I started reading that work several years ago, and have made it through the books that he’s already published, though he still has several more to go. Just when I thought I was over hobbits and such, I find myself fascinated by another fantasy series. Well worth reading.

The books that have already been published are:

I’ve read all of these, and they’re all wonderful. There are three remaining novels, supposedly titled:

  • A Dance with Dragons
  • The Winds of Winter
  • A Dream of Spring (formerly known as A Time for Wolves)

There are also two prequels:

I was less impressed with both of these; they just never sucked me in quite like the main novels did. Haven’t read any of Martin’s other works, so I can’t comment on those.


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