TheSixtyOne Might Be The Right Way To Find New Music

December 11, 2007

Several weeks ago I wrote about my frustration for finding new music, and suggested that what we need is a reddit style web site where people can vote new music up and down. TheSixtyOne has now appeared, although the interface is so slick they must have started working on this long before I suggested the idea. I really like this site a lot.

TheSixtyOne has more of a digg-style interface than a reddit style interface. That is, you can vote songs up, but not down. Each user is designated a certain number of points to use for songs, although if another user “bumps” (i.e. votes for) a song you’ve bumped, you get points back. The entry for each song contains links to stream audio or video, and to buy the song from Amazon‘s MP3 music store.
What I haven’t seen, and what the site needs, is a direct link to free MP3’s if they’re available (which many are, generally provided by the artist or label). I understand that they site’s authors want to get as much Amazon Affiliates money as they can, but I think it’s a “more flies with honey” situation, where they will attract more users, and ultimately more dinero, if they build some trust by allowing users to save their own cash if a song is already free somewhere.


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