NYTimes 2006: Best Fiction of the Last 25 Years

December 6, 2007

I was searching for books, and I found the following article in the NY Times on the Best Fiction of the Last 25 Years. It’s almost 2 years old, which shows that I don’t read the Times as closely as I think I do. But there were some good suggestions there, amongst them Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale, which I’m currently reading.

They mention Don Delillo’s White Noise. Everyone seems to mention that book, and I really should read it again, because I remember being completely underwhelmed by it. People discuss Delillo in the same breathless way they discuss Pynchon, which I think is just a little bit silly, but maybe I’m missing something. Beloved won for best book, of course.


2 Responses to “NYTimes 2006: Best Fiction of the Last 25 Years”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    I’m not as big a fan of Delillo’s WHITE NOISE but UNDERWORLD is one of the most extraordinary novels of the past 25 years and, as an artist, I would put Delillo far above Toni Morrison.
    Well, that’s what’s fun about these lists, the debate and dialogue they provoke…

  2. Cliff – Thanks for the tip. I’ll read Underworld, on your recommendation.

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