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November 30, 2007

Finally got a chance to listen to Paste Magazine’s Sampler #38 (from the issue with The National on the cover). One of my great thrills is to find an really fabulous song by someone I’ve never heard of before. There were two, maybe 2 1/2, in this CD.

Kate Nash sounds a lot like Lily Allen, and I imagine the reason she’ll get a certain wake effect from Allen’s popularity. But her song Foundations is quite wonderful. It’s wonderful for all of the reasons that Allen’s music is wonderful, but that doesn’t diminish one’s enjoyment of the song.

Ingrid Michaelson has a great song called Die Alone. The woman has some serious pipes, and the song is very sweet and sentimental, with just enough edge to it to keep from getting cloying. She has some other songs available on her website, but I haven’t digested them enough to comment at this point. But Die Alone is outstanding.

Also in this issue is their list of the 100 Best Albums of 2007.


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