Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave

November 26, 2007

Just heard a Zune commercial with a great song that I just couldn’t place. Turns out it’s Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave. Goddamn but isn’t that an amazing song. Here’s the YouTube Video. I really liked some of the stuff off of their earlier album Out of the Shadow, but this one came off of this year’s Asleep at Heaven’s Gate.

Since I’ve shown so much willpower at not buying records, I decided to reward myself and buy Asleep at Heaven’s Gate; willpower like that needs to be rewarded. That being said, I think an MP3 of Lake Michigan is floating around some of the legal channels; I have it on my iPod, so someone (Paste, Spinner, KEXP song of the day) is putting this out there. Ah, here it is, it was, in fact, from KEXP.


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