Making Money by Terry Pratchett

November 25, 2007

Am I getting spoiled? I enjoyed Making Money, the latest Diskworld novel by Terry Pratchett, but it didn’t send me in the way that many of his books have. The prequel, Going Postal, is one of my favorite books of the last few years, and I’ve reread it several times. Pratchett’s normal wit and insight are as sharp as ever, but, like Thud!, the book left me a little cold and a little bored.

Making Money continues the story of Moist von Lipwig, the somewhat reformed con-man, who in Going Postal was forcibly put in charge of the Ankh-Morepark Post Office. Here he is similarly thrust into the lead of the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morepark, and moves it from the gold standard to, well, something else.

Here’s Corey’s review from boingboing. He liked it a whole lot more than I did. Maybe you should listen to him instead. Pratchett is a great writer, and I normally adore his books, and read them over and over again, so maybe this book just caught me in a bad mood.


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