Togl under RH9.0 response

January 28, 2004

Got a response to this from Mike Fletcher, who referred me to this web page, where Craig Kaplan posts the following:

 One of your brave fellow students provided her laptop in what
 proved to be a successful PyOpenGL linux building experience.
 Here are some simple instructions.  They should work for, say,
 RedHat 8/9 and Python 2.2 or 2.3.  I'll assume you're using
 Python2.2 for these instructions -- the substitutions for 2.3
 should be obvious.

   1. tar xzvf PyOpenGL-
      cd PyOpenGL-
      python install

 At this point we'll get to that mysterious "can't find Tcl 8.1"
 error that some of you have experienced.  But a lot of the
 files we need have already been installed.

   4. Edit the file "setup/".  Look for the lines

       # make package index for tcl/tk
       if not dry_run:

      Change "if not dry_run:" to "if 0:" to disable the block of
      code that follows.

   5. Edit the file
      (the name may be slightly different for you).  Add the following lines
      to the end of it:

 ------------ CUT HERE --------------
 if {![package vsatisfies [package provide Tcl] 8]} {return}
 package ifneeded Togl 1.6.0 \
      [list load [file join $dir] Togl]
 ------------ CUT HERE --------------

   6. Go back to the PyOpenGL- directory and re-run
      "python install".  This time the installation should
      run until the end.

   7. Don't try to test that it works from within the PyOpenGL
      source directory -- it fails for some reason.  Switch to
      a different directory and try "from OpenGL.Tk import *"
      from within a Python session.  You shouldn't get any errors,
      and a small window should appear on the screen.

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