Bug in fink pygtk

January 21, 2004

Working on a bug in pygtk detailed here, arising from the code:

>>> import gtk.gl
>>> glarea = gtk.gl.Area((gtk.gl.RGBA, gtk.gl.DOUBLEBUFFER, gtk.gl.DEPTH_SIZE, 1))

which gives a bus error under python (2.3.2, running on OS X 10.2.8, under fink).

The stacktrace:

#0  0x006a0ee0 in g_type_check_instance_cast ()
#1  0x0089f258 in _wrap_gtk_gl_area_share_new (self=0xe66f58, args=0xe2e5e0,
kwargs=0x48024242) at gtkgl.override:94
#2  0x0002f2a4 in type_call (type=0x8a0034, args=0x405ad0, kwds=0x0) at Objects/
#3  0x0002167c in PyObject_Call (func=0x4, arg=0xe2e5e0, kw=0x48024242) at Objects/
#4  0x0008c60c in do_call (func=0x8a0034, pp_stack=0xbfffe4ec, na=1, nk=52) at

suggests that the code is trying to do g_type_check_instance_cast() on a freed pointer (according to one of the package maintainers).


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