Midday links

January 15, 2004

The third installment of Thomas Friedman’s war of ideas series is in the Times today, and is worth reading.

Let’s hope this report of the possible suicide of Spaulding Gray is false. After
Elliott Smith’s suicide I can’t take another thoughtful, introspective, creative person taking their own life.

Report of a new “supersolid” state of Helium akin to the superfluid state. I used to think that I understood Helium, since it’s one of the few systems that is exactly soluble. But the more I learn about Helium, the more I realize how complex a system with two electrons and a doubly-charged nucleus can be.

Like everything that Lawrence Lessig writes, this article on US IP policy is worth reading.

Researchers create a robot scientist, but can it program?

The SCO assault on Linux and Unix has been one of the most interesting and underreported stories of the year, and Groklaw is by far the best place to follow it.

Even if the RIAA is right, their tactics are loathsome, and it makes me wish there was a central location for non-RIAA artists to sell their music online so I could boycott them altogether.


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