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January 14, 2004

Is it just like me, or does this look a lot like Albuquerque?

Internet Boom v2.0, also known as the Google IPO is here.

A poster on comp.lang.python referred to Perl as a write-only language, which is a meme I like so much I thought I would echo it here.

Personal or institutional subscriptions are probably required for these next links, but
here is a nice paper on normal mode determination from MD published by Alejandro Strachan in the Journal of Chemical Physics, and here is a tour-de-force on enzyme catalysis published in Science.

Also in the tour-de-force category is this review on gold nanoclusters, a subject of great interest to me. Bulk gold is nearly inert chemically, but when you have small clusters of the material it can catalyze some very interesting chemistry.


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