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January 13, 2004

I’m not sure whether this announcement of the Bush admin’s plan to remove the NSF from the “No Child Left Behind” program is a bad thing or not. Although I’ve had past support from the NSF, including programs that had outreach programs of the sort that have just now been cut, I’ve always been skeptical whether these programs really help the students. I’ve also gotten the feeling that scientists write outreach sections on their grant proposals just to get funding, and without a real passion for either outreach or education. However, I’m just as skeptical of the Department of Education.

I’ve long been interested in solar energy, and have felt that the right way to go about it working is to make roofing materials that were photo cells, since that’s sort of like what Nature does with leaves. However, this article makes me think that perhaps clothing is the right way to go. Of course, the clothing there just uses snap-on photopanels. But couldn’t we use a photoactive version of Nylon to weave clothing, and get clothes that also charges one’s batteries?

This earth’s eye view of the universe is the coolest picture I’ve seen in a long time.

Does anyone else think that Microsofts protests of a closed platform are a little hypocritical?


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